What we do

Our standard garden maintenance package remains consistent throughout the year, with a few variations according to season. The standard package includes cleaning up after your pets, mowing the lawn, trimming edges, cleaning paving and driveways, trimming and removing dead leaves and branches, and maintaining the soil in your flower beds to promote healthy growth.

For new home owners or first-time customers, we also offer a once-off clean-up service. This is usually only necessary when a garden had been neglected for an extended period.

Extended Services

The following services are available on request:

• Weed control
• Pest control
• Bedding
• Planting
• Pruning
• Compost
• Fertilizer
• Top soil
• Garden waste removal

Information Manual

It is a local legislative requirement for any South African company to make a link available on their website to their published Section 51 manual, as stipulated in the Promotion of Access to Information Act (act no. 2 of 2000). This guide is also available in the Government Gazette.

Service Level Agreement - Residential

Refer to our service level agreement for terms and conditions related to our service offering, as well as roles and responsibilities.

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